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ABOUT US - History
From The Beginning..
In 1967, G. Edward Beckett founded an advertising and design company in Huntington, West Virginia, serving local banking and B2B customers. During the 1970s, his firm expanded and provided marketing communications for manufacturing and non-profit institutions in two primary regions: New York and California. In 1984, public relations and market research were added to the firm's professional offerings.
With Beckett clients becoming increasingly global in their orientation in the early 1990s, strategic growth skillsets were added to the team. In 1998, respected strategic performance expert and futurist Robert D. McGarvey opened Beckett's first Canadian management consulting office in Edmonton, Alberta.
In 2001, noted brand authority, Gayle Turner opened Beckett East, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.
In 2005, our management consulting services were formally placed into a sister company and named Beckett Advisors.
In 2011, the Beckett advertising agency formally adopted the name Brand Orbit.


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