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Website Design that Builds Your Credibility & Customer Retention
After close examination of usage, customer/visitor involvement, speed of access, maintenance needs and the branding platform, Brand Orbit produces navigation and front-end choices prior to implementation of the final site. No matter what you sell or serve, our goal is to make your brand look terrific and your visitors comfortable, yet motivated.
Forrester Research reveals that Top-notch Professional Appearance is 28% responsible for building credibility and retaining customers. Does your current site have this?
3 things an effective B2B website accomplishes:
  • Attracts traffic
  • Engages traffic
  • Converts traffic into leads
We build your website according to the most up-to-date responsive architecture that helps site visitors easily find you. Lastly but not least, our search engine optimization (SEO) teams are among the best; our clients credit the SEO that we manage with delivering qualified new business to their companies on an ongoing basis.
Website Hosting that is 100% Dedicated to Websites
Our strategic hosting partner, Boardwalk, hosts many of our clients' Websites. Their ultra-fast internal Ethernet network of high-end Unix and Windows 8/SP2 servers, running Web, FTP, IMAP, SMTP, POP and WebMail cloud services, is connected to a private OC-48 peer. With backup peering at major public peers, including the Mae-West, hosting is provided via dedicated, redundant T-1 service. Boardwalk's telco uplink is physically located less than 300 yards from network facilities which translates to superior service.
Boardwalk is NOT an ISP- their substantial bandwidth is 100% dedicated to serving Websites, not compromised by Internet access users, bloggers, or other Internet services.


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